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Starting a Career in Nursing and Fulfilling Your Passion


When you are passionate about something such as nursing and caring for the well-being of others, the passion never truly dies. Yes, it may wane a little bit, especially if it is not nurtured, but, in reality, it is still there in the background, just waiting to be unlocked. If you have found yourself stuck in a career that feels like it is going nowhere. Or, if you have decided to unlock your passion and pursue your dreams of becoming a nurse, then where should you start? What key stages and key steps should you be putting in place right now to ensure that your future looks brighter and more fulfilling.

Leaving Your First Career and Venturing into Another

To take the first step towards a new career in nursing, you need to leave your existing career. There is no room in your life for two careers, and to become a nurse, you will need to return to education. There simply won’t be enough time for your first career. So, rather than trying to juggle too much at once, extinguish your old career, and reignite your new one.  A nursing career will take up a lot of time and effort, and you will need all of your energy, enthusiasm, and patience to build a successful career in nursing, so commit to changing as soon as you can.

Changing Careers – is there an Ideal Time?

There is no such thing as an ideal time to leave or change careers; there is just the right time for you! When you feel that the passion is burning too strong to ignore, then you know you are ready for a change. Sometimes, it can be easy to carry on as you are and, perhaps, hope for the best, but this will not bring you satisfaction or happiness in the long term. Setting a timescale is the most difficult thing to decide to change careers, and once this process is complete, you can start focusing on your future nursing career.

Getting into Nursing

To begin a nursing career, you must first establish what you want to do and why? Getting into nursing without knowing what you want to do is a recipe for disaster. There are so many different routes that you can take, and, for this reason, deciding (even if only roughly) why you want to get into nursing and what specialism or area you want to practice is key to the process moving forwards. Establishing where your drive, passion, and enthusiasm lie and where it comes from will make your entry into nursing even easier.

What Does the Nursing Profession and Healthcare Industry Offer?

The industry, on the whole, offers you potential, growth, development, and progress. As the healthcare industry changes and grows year on year, new opportunities are arising and becoming available. Opportunities to advance your nursing career, once you are qualified, and even opportunities to get into leadership, ensure that the healthcare industry and nursing industry are as stable, progressive, and open as any other industry.

What Type of Nursing Role Do You See Yourself in?

Now that you know nursing and healthcare is the industry for you and is the industry where you can grow and develop, you have to make an important decision. This decision is – What nursing role do you see yourself in, and why? So, do you see yourself working as an emergency nurse working on the Accident and Emergency ward, or do you see yourself as a pediatric nurse? You may have already given a fair amount of thought about what you want to do and why. However, now is the time to make a decision and a commitment! You need to know what area of specialism you want to go into as this will ensure you get the most out of your future studies.

Qualities and Standards of a Nursing Professional

As you discover more about the roles and professions on offer, you build a clearer picture regarding what standards and qualities nursing professionals hold and maintain. For example, often, nurses are courteous, caring, and nurturing all in one go. Looking at the industry standards, and looking at nursing professionals with desirable qualities, will allow you to tailor and model your behavior and attitude to ensure that it is in line and well suited to other nursing professionals within the healthcare industry.

Furthering Your Education – Gaining Your Masters

You now know what you want to do and why, and you now understand what the healthcare and nursing industry can offer you. All that is left to do is commit and return to studying. Studying Elmhurst University’s Online MENP program will allow you to gain your Master of Science in Nursing, which will allow you to pursue the nursing career you want. If you fail to focus on furthering your education, then your career will not take off, and it will certainly not go in the direction you wish it to. Getting a Masters is important, so take time to research providers. Looking at providers who offer online programs is essential, as you do not want to have to try and fit visiting a physical campus into your life, perhaps several times a week.

Focusing Firmly on the Future – Key Moves to Make After Finishing Your Masters

You can finish your Masters online in under two years, and, once you have completed this, what is your next move? Seeking experienced and perhaps even shadowing a key worker would be advantageous. Once you have finished studying, the hard work continues. You now have to start mentally and physically preparing yourself for the realities of working as a nursing professional, so gain as much insight and information as you can to ensure that you are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Fulfilling Your Passion and Securing Your First Nursing Position

Securing your first position may not happen quickly, but you will get the job and the role you deserve with persistence and patience. When you are searching for positions, it is important to use online and offline sources and, perhaps even agencies (to build up your work experience). Always make sure that your resume looks good and that it sells you as well as it can. If you struggle to put together a short but eye-catching resume, do not hesitate to use industry experts.