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Leaving Your Career and Launching a Business

New Career

You have been in your current career for longer than you wanted and certainly longer than you had thought, but now it is time for a change. It is time to stop saying no, and instead time to start saying yes. Launching your own business can give you the chance to follow and pursue your interests, and it can give you the opportunity to do what you really want to do with your time and energy.

Why Should You Run Your Own Business

If you are still questioning why you should leave your career and focus instead on running your own business, then why not take a step back and think about all of the potential benefits on offer. For instance, when you run your own business, you get flexibility (to some degree) about when you work and the hours you work. The flexibility you get allows you to get more out of your free time and, of course, do more with your free time. Striking a balance and maintaining a balance between work and play, can be that bit more achievable and attainable when you are working for yourself, in your own business.

Make the Change and Make the Leap

It can feel daunting and scary, leaving your career and starting a new chapter in your life. However, if you take the time to research a business idea or opportunity and if you follow your heart, you can achieve the success you deserve. Making the change requires you to change your mindset. As a business owner, you must have a mindset that is highly adaptable and open to change (even at the last minute). Making the leap into entrepreneurship and making it happen can be one of the most difficult hurdles you have to overcome. Leaving a stable career and heading off into the unknown requires guts and courage and if you have the strength to take the leap, you will see the true benefits of running your own business.

Following Your Passion

When you are launching or starting a business, it is important that you follow your passion. If you are not passionate about what you are doing or about what you are wanting to do, then you will struggle to make your business successful. To establish where your passions lie and to ensure that you follow them, you need to establish what your interests and hobbies are. Of course, not all hobbies can be turned into successful profit-making businesses, but realistically you can take aspects and areas from what you love and use these snippets to form a base for your business.

Returning to Education

A business education can help you achieve success within your business. The knowledge and business acumen you will get can ensure that your business starts and grows the right way. If you have already gained a degree, then there is nothing stopping you from earning an MBA online from the comfort of your own home. A Masters can provide you with the skills and awareness you need to comfortably tackle any obstacle that is put in your way. Returning to education and studying once more, will help you gain clarity and focus about what you want to achieve within your business and why.

Researching the Opportunities and Gaps

Gaps and opportunities within business and industries still exist. Finding them can of course be tricky, but with persistence and with diligent research you can spot, explore and seize opportunities. Starting a business in any area and simply hoping for the best (without conducting any prior research) is a recipe for disaster. Sufficient and adequate research will allow you to see just where opportunities lie and, of course, how you can best explore and exploit them.

Starting a Business from Scratch

There is a lot to be done when it comes to starting a business from scratch. Getting a business up and running is not a simple or easy process, but with support and assistance you can get your business up and running easily and in no time at all (especially if you know what you will be doing and why). Starting a business from scratch doesn’t have to be costly, but it does have to be costed out. Startup costs can quickly and very easily slip away from you, so you must get a handle on how much you want to spend getting your business off the ground. If you do not establish startup costs early on, then you will be disillusioned when your business launches and you will feel like you are chasing your tail from day one.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Just who are you going to reach and sell to, when and why? Without a specific target audience to reach, your business will struggle to make a profit, let alone cover its costs. So, carefully research just who your audience is and what they look like. For example, are they local customers or are they in a different location? Are they young or old? What is their socio-economic profile?

Writing and Implementing a Business Plan

You need to establish just what your business will do, when and why. Putting together a business plan will be beneficial to your future endeavor because it will outline just what you want to do, when, and why. A business plan collates your ideas and your research, and allows you to see just how you will reach and appeal to your target audience.

Timescales and Deadlines

Once you have everything ready to go, you have to start setting and working towards timescales and deadlines. Setting deadlines and timelines are a must for any new business, because you need to know what is happening and when. Without deadlines in place, your business startup and launch could end up taking you longer than you want it to and this could be detrimental to your costings, which of course would have a knock on effect. Being realistic and setting realistic deadlines, timelines and timescales ensures that your business gets off to the best start.