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Should You Ever Attempt a DIY Roof Repair?

DIY Roof Repair

If you enjoy DIY projects and have the skills, it is possible to complete some home projects so you end up saving both time and money. However, it is important to stop and consider whether you should call a contractor for bigger projects such as roof repairs. So, under what circumstances should you repair your roof, and when is it time to call a contractor?

Simple Repairs

If you have the skills, some simple repairs such as repairing your gutters, replacing a few shingles, or even a few roofing sheets should not be a problem. You will not be dealing with the structure of the roof when doing such repairs and so there is a reduced chance of making costly mistakes. Doing these smaller repairs yourself can also save you some money. However, any repairs that involve working with the roof structure, such as large-scale repairs and roof replacement should be left to qualified contractors.

Liability and Insurance

One of the most important reasons why you should not attempt challenging roof repairs is because your home insurance company will not cover any damage you do to the roof when carrying out the repairs. One of the commonly cited reasons is negligence during the repairs.

When you choose professional Michigan roofers instead, they will cover any damage they do to your roof during the repair and rectify any mistakes they might have made without charging you extra. If you cause any accidental damage, you will have to pay for it yourself by hiring a contractor to undo the mistakes and carry out the necessary repairs.

You May or May Not Save Money

If you decide to do the repairs yourself, the one area you save money is labor costs. However, you still have to buy any materials you need to complete the repairs. In many cases, you can only buy these materials in small batches and that can be quite expensive. When you factor in the higher material cost, you may find that you have spent more than you would if you hired a contractor.

Contractors are also able to spot additional issues with your roof and can sometimes rectify these issues without charging you extra. When you do the repairs yourself, you may miss some of the smaller issues that a contractor would not and you will still end up having to call a contractor to do additional repairs.

Roof Repairs Can Be Dangerous

An obvious reason why you should not repair your roof yourself is that it is incredibly dangerous. Remember that roof repairs involve working at a considerable height and if you do not know how to secure yourself or do not have the equipment to do so, you will be putting yourself at risk. Also, contractors know where to step to avoid further damage or the roof caving in, something that a lot of people do not know.

Repairing your roof can seem simple and a way to save money at first but, when examined closely, you will find that it might not be worth it. It is always better to call a contractor as they will be able to avoid all the issues and dangers that come up during roof repairs.