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Amazon Owns 29 First Search Results for Google Query “Amazon Kindle Books”

Talk about owning the branded space.

According to the screenshot below, owns 29 first Google search results for the query amazon kindle books, as well as #35. All in all, it owns 30 of the first 40 SERs (Search Engine Results) on that query:

amazon kindle books google query is owned by amazon websites

It is expected that a powerful website will own a lot of branded search space, but to extend the influence beyond the first page is very difficult to do. Amazon goes down to the very bottom of the third page, which ensures that essentially no traffic is lost to other websites. And, to top if off, Amazon also runs Paid Search on that query, as you can see at the bottom of the page.

Amazon Kindle Books is a popular query that is estimated to have ~51,000 exactly monthly searches on Google. You can check out some of the popular amazon kindle books in the gallery below. Happy reading!