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5 Tools Every Keen Gardener Needs


Gardening can be an excellent hobby to take up, and it has become a favorite pastime for many people. It’s a perfect excuse to get out in the fresh air, and being around nature can have a soothing effect that is good for the mind. Although gardening can be hard work at times, making it not always the most relaxing activity, it can be very satisfying to see the fruits of your labor blossoming and transforming your outdoor space into a tranquil haven for you to enjoy. If you have recently got into gardening, make sure that you have the following essential tools to make your outdoor projects easier to manage.

1. Gardening Gloves and Knee Pads

You might not mind getting some dirt under your fingernails, but you should still invest in a couple of pairs of quality gardening gloves all the same. They can make tougher work like pruning shrubs, lifting pots, digging holes, etc., a lot more comfortable by protecting your hands and reducing the chance of blisters forming for when you are weeding your flowerbeds and the areas between your paving slabs, having knee pads or a kneeler mat can also improve your comfort.

2. Trowel and Fork Set

These handy little tools are necessary for digging into the soil in beds and pots, as well as making trenches for seeds. They can also help you to dig up plants if you want to get rid of dead flowers or move them to another pot or part of your garden. You may also find them useful for other garden maintenance work such as bricklaying, for example. You can also get trowels specifically for landscaping projects at

3. Secateurs

When it comes to pruning your bushes and plants, having a pair of secateurs will make this job much easier. For small plants, such as cutting dead rosebuds off, scissors might suffice, but for thicker stalks and branches, this will be much more effective. You can get a larger pair of trees and bigger shrubs, too.

4. Watering Can and Hose

You can only rely on the rain so much, and during the hotter months, your plants and lawn areas are going to need to stay hydrated! No gardener’s tool shed would be complete without at least one large watering can to help their plants stay luscious. If you have an outdoor tap, getting a hose can make watering your garden a lot easier, and you might even want to consider getting an outdoor tap installed if you don’t currently have one. If you want an eco-friendly touch to your garden, you can also purchase large containers to collect the rainwater that you can use during the summer if you want to rely less on the main water supplies. 

5. Large Spade and Fork

Your trowels and small fork are great for digging little holes, but when you are trying to clear bigger spaces, build a pond, or remove a larger bush or shrub from your flowerbeds, you’ll need bigger tools for the job. These are some of the first gardening tools you should buy, and having more than one of each will be beneficial.

If you have decided to take up gardening as a hobby, make sure you have all of these essential tools at hand.