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3 Reasons Online Gaming is Here to Stay

online gaming

It may be a new fad for some, but online gaming has been around for a while. What has, however, occurred recently is that online gaming has surged dramatically across the globe, and there are more people playing a wider variety of games online than ever before. This is proven by the fact that gaming sales increased by 37% in the US, and mobile games sales on iPhones have risen in both Japan (44%) and in western Europe (20%). It’s a global trend. This article looks at why this is the case and explains why online gaming will remain a growing sector for the foreseeable future.

1. Online is Mobile

One of the main reasons online games are here to stay is that online access is now predominantly mobile. More people access the World Wide Web on their smartphones and handheld devices than through any other means. In fact, 90% of those who use the internet globally do so via their mobile phones. This means that the online game is always with you, and as such, it is being played more often. Games are now specifically made for mobile, and the gaming apps sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors on smart mobile platforms. All this has created the perfect storm of user demand and technological capability, resulting in online gaming being one of the biggest reasons for smart mobile phone use.

2. Entertainment Needs have Changed

The entertainment needs of modern society have changed, and people now want to be able to have immediate access, and the online gaming sector provides this type of access in buckets full. There is always a game that you can play. Variety is the spice of life, and as such, it is this variety that will keep online games at the forefront of online media and entertainment. If you are gaming online then be sure not to settle, but spend the time required to find the game that genuinely entertains and excites you. If it’s the casino games, then be sure to test before you pay to play, and you could do this at where there are opportunities for free games without a deposit needed.

3. The numbers make it a social pastime

With over 55% of Americans picking up an online game during the recent pandemic, it is clear that it was a widespread habit. It has also become more social than ever before. These two truths mean that there is a heightened social element in the hobby of online gaming. You can now play the same games, meet others in chats and forums to discuss these games and strategize. Games have become social touchstones and have proven to be some of the best ways to stay connected with friends and family. A top example here was that during the pandemic Animal Crossing was used to keep gamers in touch.

The online game is indeed here to stay. Marketers and advertisers, gamers, and game developers have all realized this and as the demand grows, so too will the platform democratize and spread.