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Things to Think About When Buying a Car as a Gift

new car

There are many ways you can treat somebody on their birthday or for another special occasion, but one of the most extravagant gifts you can give somebody is a new car. A lot of teens who have passed their driving test are gifted their first car by their parents, or someone might want to spoil their beloved partner by surprising them with their dream car. Whatever the reason you’re thinking about giving somebody a car as a gift, make sure you’ve thought about the following points.

Budget and Loans

The first thing you need to determine is how much money you can afford to spend. If the person you’re buying the car for is going to come and view vehicles with you, then you need to sit them down and tell them what your budget is so they don’t start looking at cars that you can’t afford. You’ll also need to consider who is going to sign the loan agreement for your car, or who is going to have ownership. Are you sharing these responsibilities, or is the other person going to take over? If you are co-signing a loan or covering these costs yourself, make sure you can afford to make these payments. 


Another thing you’ll need to make sure has been organized is the insurance for the car. If you are getting the car for your teenager who has just passed their driving test, you should see if you can get them covered by your insurance provider, too. If not, make sure that they are aware they will need insurance before they drive it anywhere, and remember, it will need to be insured even before you take it out of the dealership. 

Personalized Number Plate

All cars come with a number plate, but if you want to make this gift extra special, why not look at getting a personalized plate for the car as well? These are one of the most common ways people choose to customize their cars and can add a fun touch to them that they will love. It will cost you more to do this, however, so make sure that it will fit within your budget if this is something that you would like to do. You can find out more about personalized number plates by looking up private plates for sale online.

Consider Who You Are Buying the Car For

Finally, when it comes to choosing a car as a gift you need to be mindful of who you’re buying it for. For example, if you are buying a car for a first-time driver, it should be a model that will be easy for them to handle as they start to get used to driving on the roads and becoming more confident. You might want to consider buying a second-hand car in this situation, as this might be more cost-effective. If you’re buying a new car for someone who has children, then getting a vehicle that can accommodate their family is important as this will be more practical. 

Buying someone a car as a gift is incredibly generous, but it is something that should be carefully considered before you move ahead with the sale. Keep the points above in mind to make sure that you’re getting the right car for them and that it is something you can afford to do.