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7 Cute Christmas Beauty Ideas


’Tis the season to be jolly! If you are looking for some inspiration about how to give your beauty routine a Christmassy twist, you can find some fabulous ideas in this blog. Simply read on if you are new to beauty, want to have a bit more fun again, or are looking to shake up your usual routines for the festive season!

1. Christmassy nails

Nails are one of the most obvious candidates when it comes to seasonal beauty changes. Between different nail polish colors, nail decorations, and different design patterns for nail art, you are truly spoilt for choice. This Christmas, try making your nails Christmassy by using nail polish with glitter, red and white stripes, or tiny nail art decorations such as snowflakes or Christmas trees. This Beetles Gel discount code will have you set up in style without breaking the bank.

2. Face glitter

With short days, long nights, and harsh weather, it’s no wonder that Christmas, Chanukah, Diwali, and most other winter festivals are centered around celebrating what light there is. Applying some biodegradable glitter to your cheeks, forehead, or eyelids is a gorgeous, guilt-free way to make yourself sparkle at the next Christmas celebration. You could use Christmassy colors such as green, red, and gold and even make Christmas-themed designs with glitter, such as a shooting star.

3. Christmassy earrings

Go on, treat yourself! Christmas is not the time to be understated—here’s looking at you, ugly Christmas sweater! A pair of festive earrings will cheer you up through the gloomy winter days and put a smile on the faces of your relatives, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you encounter.

4. Sparkly ear climbers

A close relative of earrings, ear climbers—also known as ear runners—are a type of earring or piercing that runs up the side of your ear rather than dangling down from the lobe. A sparkly set, perhaps with a Christmas theme, will make a great addition to your festive jewelry collection. Angel wing ear climbers covered in cubic zirconia stones are a great example.

5. Christmassy headbands

No, that doesn’t have to mean one of those headbands with reindeer antlers or a tiny Santa hat… though it can do if that’s what floats your boat! Why not try some funky Christmas-themed headbands, which range from the understated to the outrageous (gigantic Rudolph face, anyone?).

6. Christmas-themed temporary tattoos

If you are into body art, you will love Christmas-themed temporary tattoos. While some of the more colorful ones, such as a laughing Santa, might look a little childish, a collection could include classy textual tattoos which say things like ‘Faith’ and ‘Believe’. Perfect for those who really want to be reminded of why Christmas is important for them. Another gorgeous option is a metallic snowflake tattoo, which will look absolutely stunning at your next Christmas party!

7. Christmassy tights

December in the northern hemisphere can get seriously cold! This is why Christmas tights will keep you warm while adding a splash of color and some festive cheer to your outfit. The stripy red and white ones have to be among the funkiest tights out there! If understated is more your style, don’t worry—you will find there are plenty of one-tone tights to suit all tastes out there.