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3 Things to Look for in Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted living is ideal for anyone who cannot take care of themselves physically, or may need full-time medical care. Finding an assisted living facility for an elderly loved one isn’t easy. As our parents age, it can be difficult for them to let go and understand that they may need assistance while living the remaining years of their lives. 

An assisted living facility needs to be one where your aging loved one will feel safe and happy, and one that you know will give them the care that they need. Read on to learn about the three most important things to look for when searching for an assisted living facility.

Talk to Other Residents

Although you will be looking for the best place to accommodate your loved one’s living necessities, you also need to consider their hobbies and how they entertain themselves with limited mobility. Choosing the right facility means looking at every aspect including how other residents feel and talk about the place. 

The residents of any facility will be your best source of information in terms of how clean the facility is, and whether the nursing staff takes adequate care of everyone who lives there.

The Physical State of the Facility

Finding a home that will give your loved one the proper care will be your top priority; however, you should take special notice of the building and aesthetics of the facility you may be considering. These facilities need to be well maintained and cleaned regularly because many of its residents are sick people who need round-the-clock care.

Your first impression of the entryways, outside areas, and cleanliness will tell you all you need to know. Make sure to look out for safety features such as handrails on the stairs and shower facilities that are easy to use. The facility should also have a wheelchair ramp and proper elevators installed. Facilities like Bella Terra Senior Living offer 24-hour emergency response personnel, housekeeping, and transportation services that are essential. 

The Staff’s Attitude

The staff present at the facility will be the people taking care of your loved one when you are not around. To be sure that they have your parent’s best interest at heart, you need to talk to the staff, including the nurses that are on call. You may learn everything you need by watching how the staff interact with other residents when they don’t know they are being watched. This will prevent anyone from putting on a show just to get you interested.

The qualification and experience of each staff member are also very important. You will want to make sure that the facility is properly accredited and all staff members have the relevant experience to deal with older people.

As a prospective resident, your elderly loved one needs to know that they won’t be left to their own devices to wither away with age. People who require assisted living tend to age much faster if there aren’t regular activities that they can engage with. Be sure to look for a clean environment that has tons of outdoor activities with a top-notch medical team available.